National Grief Support Services Inc. was founded as  a  nonprofit, charitable organization  in 1994, for anyone dealing with grief from any cause. Our broad approach covers any aspect of sorrow, from the
loss of a loved one, job, pet or marriage to facing a life-threatening illness, an addiction problem, a troubled relationship or simply being overwhelmed by life.

The organization’s dual purpose focuses not only on those who are experiencing loss, but the professionals who help.

Serving as an umbrella organization for the grief community, our comprehensive web-based service delivers information, guidance, support, resources, hope and comfort in one place, accessible at any time from any location. Services are currently available in English, French and Spanish.


Sustained by donations, almost all services are available at no charge through, the primary program of National Grief Support Services. The website offers

comprehensive grief support services, resources & publications; online memorials, tributes and life stories; telephone and online support groups; educational classes; and Legacy of the Heart, a service to comfort those who are someday left behind.

All who come to the site may receive a free copy of Grief Passages: Poems and Essays for Hope Comfort and Times of Loss, along with a crocheted angel, butterfly or smiley face. We hope these gifts of cheer and hope will remind our visitors that they are not alone and that better days lie ahead.