There is no substitute for what you provide. People who are in grief may seek you out or welcome your offer of spiritual assistance. We hope you will welcome our assistance, fresh perspectives on healing that will make your own most effective. You are such an important part of our community. Your involvement with our offerings can strengthen us all, to the benefit of those who turn to you.

You may gain from articles by or interact with another clergy, along with professional counselors or therapists, educators, volunteers or individuals who are experienced in many perspectives of grief, some of which can be useful in your mission to improve lives.

From our Professional Edition of the E-zine “Grief Matters” to the support groups we offer for hands-on practitioners and volunteers, is dedicated to strengthening the giving community as well as those in grief who derive sustenance and strength from us.

Grief Passages, our free book of poems and essays, is particularly Clergy beneficial for clergy, who are called upon daily to provide hope and comfort in times of loss. Take advantage of our many free, handy and time-saving resources for professionals.

When families are coping with sorrow, they naturally turn to you for support spiritual counsel, and ways to cope with their loss. Remembrance Place, which offers dynamic virtual memorials that our organization helps them to create, is another benefit you can offer to surviving family members and friends. These enhanced memorials allow people to channel their grief creatively as they look back fondly upon the person they have lost. Remembrances employ words, pictures, sounds and even video inserted by the creator of the page, a truly moving tribute, beyond what can be found elsewhere. And when your families make donations to create Remembrances on our site, we provide financial remuneration to you for assisting with our outreach to those experiencing loss.

These Remembrances can also be offered to your families, as gifts from your house of worship. They can be personalized, carrying not only your “stamp” on the Remembrance page but a link to your services via your website if you have one, or some other means. Inquire about how to set up an account to have these special gifts for your families through our Compassion Cooperative.

We provide you with the best and most comprehensive tools and resources to serve your congregants, as well as yourselves. People have many choices when they select their house of worship. Connecting with our vast network of services, allows your church, synagogue, temple or mosque to shine above the rest. Recognizing that all congregations can benefit from additional income, we have developed a Compassion Cooperative that offers tremendous benefits to help increase your services, as well provide you with increased funds for your own important programs and services. Click here and we will send you the details of the numerous ways we can help you when you participate in our Compassion Cooperative.

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Free Online Library, Including Our Extensive Resource Section
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