You offer an ongoing support structure in each session, a recharge for the batteries that clients can sometimes drain too quickly. While we provide many ways for your clients to sustain and heal around the clock, we also offer you refreshing articles, classes and dialog on topics relating to specific grief triggers, reactions and experiences.

The more you want to help, the more you may appreciate help. Your commitment to those you serve means you have committed yourself to a level of excellence and preparedness that needs continual nourishment.From our Professional Edition of the E-zine “Grief Matters” to the support groups we offer for hands-on practitioners and volunteers, is dedicated to strengthening the giving community as well as those in grief who derive sustenance and strength from us. Take advantage of our many free, handy and time-saving resources for professionals.

As a psychologist, social worker or counselor, your clients or patients turn to you for ideas to work through losses of all kind. We give you added tools for many of the suggestions you may provide.

Grief experts widely recognize the value of journaling, creating memory books, writing to a loved one who is gone, and listening to music. We offer some very special resources for your clients to do just that.

When someone treasured has died, creating dynamic web pages in Remembrance Place is another service you could offer through us, of particular interest to people who want to channel their grief as they look back fondly upon the person they are losing.

And for those who are seeing the prospect of their own passing, a similar creation called Legacy of Heart allows them to capture their thoughts for loved ones to know in the future, and to create peaceful closure. Both projects can employ words, pictures, sounds and even video inserted by the creator of the page, a more dynamic tribute or legacy that can be found elsewhere.

Private Thoughts is similar to Legacy of the Heart, however, the pages are password protected, and messages can be delivered via e-mail. If your clients choose to use Private Thoughts as a virtual journal, they can write out their thoughts and feelings whenever they feel the urge, from wherever they may be. They can attach photos, letters, video, music and more. And if they want to show you something they’ve written, they can even give you access to the pages, by giving you a password.

And when your clients make donations to create Remembrances, Legacies or Private Thoughts on our site, we provide financial remuneration to you for assisting with our outreach to those experiencing loss.

We provide you with the best and most comprehensive aids and resources to serve your clients, as well as yourselves. People have many choices when they select whom they will turn to for counseling. Connecting with our vast network of services gives you an advantage in your profession. Recognizing that all helping professionals can benefit from additional income, we have developed a Compassion Cooperative that offers tremendous benefits to help increase your services, as well as your bottom line. Click here and we will send you the details of the numerous ways we can help you when you participate in our Compassion Cooperative.



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