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Your work in preventing pet loss or comforting pet owners in times of loss has involved an ever-expanding set of tools to keep pace with what technology can provide and what people have come to expect. Pet surgeries are becoming more commonplace and pet cemeteries are a growing industry.

Businesses and professionals of all kinds are realizing that people care deeply for their treasured companions and that many experience grief as profound as human loss when the pet dies or becomes ill.

Meanwhile, the Internet has become a place to seek comfort for people grieving many sorts of loss. And it now includes pet owners in that place – in a dynamic and creative way.

The Pet Garden of Remembrance has dynamic web pages called Remembrances, which offers dynamic virtual memorials that our organization helps your clients to create. These enhanced memorials allow people to channel their grief creatively as they look back fondly upon the pets they have lost. Remembrances employ words, pictures, sounds and even video inserted by the creator of the page, a truly moving tribute, beyond what can be found elsewhere.

And when your families create Remembrances on our site, we provide financial remuneration to you for assisting with our outreach. These Remembrances can also be offered to your families, as gifts from your pet cemetery or practice, and can be personalized, carrying not only your “stamp” on the Remembrance page but a link to your services via your website, if you have one, or some other means, such as a free listing in our Pet Loss Resource Section. Inquire about how to set up an account to have these special gifts for your families tied to a donation from your cemetery or practice, through our Compassion Cooperative. Or just to provide a referral to our services, as we can to yours by listing you in our Pet Loss Resource Section.

It can be a pet owner’s window into, introducing them to services that can assist them with other hurdles in their lives, as well. For us, that’s a plus as our mission is to reach as many people as possible.


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From our Professional Edition of the e-zine “Grief Matters” to the support groups we offer for hands-on practitioners and volunteers,, is dedicated to strengthening the giving community as well as those in grief who depend on us. Take advantage of our many free, handy and time-saving resources for professionals.


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