When facing the reality of disability or life-threatening illness, we come to realize what a fragile shell the human body really is But what it encloses is what can endure,a living spirit that has warmed others and can continue to cast that warmth. GriefSupportServices.org lets you keep in touch with that life inside the shell. Perhaps you have confronted yourself with the frightening specter of inevitable physical decline. Or maybe you are dealing with that inner anguish you see in someone near and dear to you. As difficult as it is, there is help and support behind a surprising number of doors, even here on this website.

First, what are you facing? How have others fared, how have they taken it on? Our LibraryGrief Matters, Free Magazine, and Ask the Expert features, among others, provide you with ready information on topics from physical dependency to caregiver support.

Say what you will, however, you wish as you “talk” privately online with others who have shared your particular pain, or people who are ready to listen. Whether it’s a poem or song that captures your feelings or your contributions to online discussion or support groups, you are in a supportive community here. If you feel as comfortable as many people do with Internet communications, you are quite likely ready to use our easy ways to create your own multimedia web pages, helping remember people you love in words, pictures, songs and video.

If you haven’t been able to find it, you will find it here. Our grief resources listings are extensive and free.There is no stacking order based on payment for placement. If it’s a quality service supportive of people in grief, we list it and link you to it. We’re here to help you, not corral you with what we offer.

Finding your way around this website is hardly the challenge that you may be facing with health. So explore, find the ways to help you actually develop a living spirit while you face the physical and emotional obstacles before you. You face it with a world of support.


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TeleSupport Groups with Others Who are Coping with Illness or Disability
Online Support Groups with with Others Who Share Similar Losses
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Free Online Library, including our Extensive Resource Section
Grief Matters, our free Weekly E-zine for Those who are Experiencing Loss
TeleClasses Offer Many Topics to Help you Through Various Grief-related Issues
Custom Writing Services
Legacy Of The Heart, Multimedia Legacies
Private Thoughts, Virtual Multi-media Diary & Comfort Connection Service
Healing Music Library
Free Book, Grief Passages: Poems & Essays For Hope Comfort & Times Of Loss
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Ask the Expert
Celebrity Circle Of Hope Audio Inspirations
Celebrity Circle of Hope Audio Inspirations
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