Whether you are suffering personally or are a professional serving those who grieve, we know your time is valuable and in short supply. For people living with grief, there is an easy, reliable way to hear from some of the most trusted professionals who deal with issues of loss, discussing the issues that tug at you the most. For professionals, the need for perspectives on these issues never ends. Our e-zine, Grief Matters delivers weekly articles to refresh your insights as you face issues like:

  • Reactions to grief and loss – yours and others
  • Feelings of sorrow, blame, guilt or injustice
  • Getting and giving the right help for yourself or others
  • Ways to channel and experience grief and keep life in balance

You’ll be able to employ the insights that you receive right away, knowing they are practical and tested methods that have aided many others through the healing process.

The tips and tools Grief Matters puts at your disposal are not wedded to a single theory or philosophy, but draw on the experiences of practitioners in a variety of disciplines, including therapists, clergy members, grief specialists, counselors, medical experts, and more.

Of course, you will want to adapt these practices to fit the specifics you’re dealing with. As weeks go by, Grief Matters provides continuing reinforcement in so many ways. A free subscription offers what we all are looking for – fresh perspectives that you can apply immediately!

Grief Matters Personal Edition
For Struggling With
Personal Loss:
  • Of Loved Ones
  • Of Pets
  • Of Security or Harmony in
    Your Life
  • Of Colleagues
It’s not easy building on a shattering experience. So you will welcome helpful information from some of the leading practitioners and authors. They reach you directly, without you leaving your computer, making an appointment or paying a penny!
Grief Matters Professional Edition
Special support, insights and resources professionals as you help those who grieve
  • Counselors and Therapists
  • Clergy Members
  • Funeral Industry Professionals
  • Volunteers and Caring Individuals
  • Medical Personnel
  • Educators
  • Military Personnel
Beyond sharing positive results and findings from their own work, contributing writers in Grief Matterswill touch on that which challenges you in your own work, in your commitment to helping your clients, working with the unique set of emotions and circumstances each person brings to your doorstep. By focusing on the grieving, interviews can rejuvenate or help you rediscover the methodologies you use in this area, helping you succeed with your individual clients and fueling your own dedication to do more.

Fitting your sources of grief into the larger picture of life means receiving help from near and far. They speak to you in a conversational, Q & A format that provides both summary answers and an easily accessible elaboration for those seeking more. And this easy-reading, easy-navigating e-zine is delivered to your e-mail address at no charge.

National Grief Support Services has poured years into building Grief Matters from a network of experts who have helped thousands of others understand and cope with their grief, helping them onto a pathway toward recovery. Grief Matters can shed light on questions you might not even be able to put into words, uncertainties that you feel a need to resolve. Or articles may help you as you use interactive sources provided by National Grief Support Services, or on links to our partners in the Compassion Cooperative.


It’s there for you to read when you want, and even how you want. Grief Matters gives you the short answer and then, for those craving more information on a topic, it’s just another click of the mouse. Or print out articles to carry with you for later reading. Interviews with experts are quicker and easier for you than purchasing a book or subscribing to a magazine. There is no tuition, travel or fixed schedule required to get the most out of Grief Matters. Just open the e-mail and explore as you like.

Each issue also includes a related poem to help inspire you, along with other thoughts on the weekly topic, and featured resources.

Our mission is to ease and share your voyage through matters that bring grief. Grief Matters is becoming an important outlet for the success of that mission, for you and many others.

Some of the Many Topics You’ll Find Covered
Journaling Your Way Through Sorrow
In Search Of Happiness
When Family & Friends Get In the Way of Healing
Grief Healing Tips
Rituals For Healing
When The Dark Clouds Just Don’t Seem To Go Away
Coping with Multiple Losses
Self-Hypnosis as a Tool For Healing
Stress Reduction Techniques
When You or Someone You Know Talks About Suicide
How To Face Change, Especially When You Don’t Want To
Anxiety….What Can You Do?
Medication and Grief
How Different Religions View Life After Death
Men and Women Grieve Differently
Coping Strategies In Challenging Times
Holidays and Special Days When You’re Grieving
Anticipatory Grief
After Death Communication
Death Education 101
How To Communicate With Compassion
Balancing When Grief Turns Your World Upside-down
Do You Believe In Angels?
Will I Ever Feel Normal Again?
When Children Grieve
Final Resting Places: Making Choices
Keeping Memories Alive
Cultural Perspectives on Death
Drowning Your Sorrows – Alcohol and Grief
When You Feel God (or your Higher Power) Has Deserted You
Feeling Trapped, What Can You Do?
Going Back To Work After Loss Meditation
Getting Disturbing Images Off Your Mind
Techniques For Fair Fighting
Nobody’s Listening To Me
Building Communication Skills
You Can’t Heal What You Don’t Feel
Seeing The Glass As Half Empty… Overcoming Pessimism
What To Expect When You’re Grieving