What to say to others, how to share the singular feelings that grip you so completely and forcefully in times of grief ?

If only there were words just right to describe the sense of loss, light the way as you search for comfort or ways to comfort others. When those words can’t find you in that canyon of overwhelming grief, the eloquence of others can often penetrate the moment and provide the elusive passage. And for a time, that can restore a sheltering sense of calm, of inspiration.

This collection of personal works, written voices of those who have experienced grief and loss, can help in so many ways.Grief Passagesexplores what is felt so often among those who grieve.This invaluable book – available free online or in hardcover to keep with you – helps address the personal questions that surround you by touching many emotions, helping to guide without preaching.

For people experiencing loss, it is both a step backwards from your challenging questions, and a step through them.For thoughtful professionals or other people helping those who suffer, it is a ready source of comfort to call on, or to simply provide. When the air is dense with a sense of loss and you are left wondering what you can say, Grief Passages can provide an invaluable approach for friends, relations, counselors, medical professionals or funeral directors.

Aging, End of Life, Caregiving
Dying Thoughts and Words
Funerals and Recent Deaths
Grief and Death Reflections
Holidays, Occasions , Anniversaries
Inspiration, Philosophy or Cheer
Pet Loss
Quotations, Pearls of Wisdom
Reflections on Death and Grief
Spiritual and Angel Poems
Remembering and Honoring
  • Babies and Children
  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Loves
  • Parents
  • Spouses
Shattered Dreams
Victims and Heroes


This collection can help literally anyone to write or speak the words that can be so difficult to call forth on your own. And it is available in two ways to do just that.You may download Grief Passages from the link below, as a complimentary service of National Grief Support Services. Or you may purchase the bound volume at $14.95 per copy to provide cheer and comfort wherever you are. Professional users can have copies personalized for presentation to their clientele.