Julie, Mommy used to love to cook with your grandma. Well, this picture is the time I made my first cake. We got distracted and it burned, but we sure had fun making it. So don’t worry if all your dishes are successful. Always remember to have fun in the “doing.” And oh yeah, buy yourself a timer so you won’t end up with burned food. Here are some of grandma and my favorite secret recipes so you can enjoy them when you grow up and have children of your own someday.

A Place Where You Can Help The People You Love And Care About To:

  • Connect With You
  • Remember You
  • Hear Your Voice
  • See Your Face
  • Know You Better
  • Learn From You
  • Share Your Life, Your History…Dreams…Pain…Passions… Philosophy…Hopes…. Wishes… Values… Secrets…Wisdom… Words of Encouragement and Messages of Love
  • Keep Your Memory Alive For Future Generations
  • Be With You, Whenever They Need Or Want You…Anytime…Anywhere In The World

How comforting it will be to others if you let them hold on to your most important messages. Most of us want to complete our lives without regrets. Now you can be remembered and thought about in the way YOU want because after all, you have created this special place yourself. A place where they can turn to you, time and time again… always.

This is easily assured by creating a Legacy of the Heart, using the tools provided on this page. It can be as simple as a photograph of some treasured place you have enjoyed together, a song, a poem that recalls the thread of connection. Include photos or other images (even pieces in your own handwriting, certificates, news clippings or awards, etc.), poems and writings, audio clips of your voice, music, artwork and much more. And don’t worry, if you don’t know what to say, or how to say it, we have a Well of Resources you can draw from and use. You decide what you want to share, and we make it possible.

Please feel free to use these reflections and images, taking them whole or using them as a springboard for your own expressions. Perhaps you have difficulty finding the proper words even in the best of times. Writing can be a challenge at times for even the most schooled professionals. As this site is largely about sharing, we gladly do so here. Just select whatever wording or images you like. With a click of the mouse, they will become part of your own Legacy of the Heart.

Think about what would happen if tomorrow came and you were not able to see the people you love most…ever again? What would you want to say to them? What to share…if only you could?

On December 1, 1982, Karen Russell’s life was forever changed. Years before she founded National Grief Support Services, Michael Press, her high school sweetheart who was later to be her first husband, was tragically killed by a drunk driver. She felt inconsolable. The loss was unbearable. All that they had shared was forever gone. Or was it? 

When Karen founded National Grief Support Services, among her many dreams was to honor Michael’s memory by providing ways to comfort the bereaved and keep memories alive. She could think of no better way to do so than by creating a way for people to leave a part of themselves behind. The dream would need to give people the tools to create their own “comfort connection,” benefiting those they care about. This passion sparked the creation of Legacy of the Heart, an arena where people can craft motivational messages and remembrances to comfort the loved ones whom they will someday leave behind. She only hopes that people will realize the power they have to continue to be a part of their loved one’s lives, to comfort them, and to be remembered for all time.

This is the story of a young woman who lost her battle with cancer, leaving behind a husband, two young sons and an infant daughter. In facing her life-threatening illness, she and her husband agreed that after she died, every night her children would be read to from her many journals.

Years later, as they children grew into adulthood, they were asked by a caring family member whether they felt the loss of their mother had a detrimental effect on their lives and their reply:

A lasting reflection of memories and lives shared,
through stories, photos, thoughts, poems, images and sound.
Your Legacy of the Heart … now and for generations to come.
Our nonprofit mission is to serve all who experience loss. A portion of our contributions are set aside so all who desire may leave a legacy to their loved ones in words and pictures. Or work with our design team to create something more, at the same time making a donation to help sustain our services in support of people struggling with grief.
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1 Photo and 250 words, with a choice of background and song.

Generous contributions of others have made it possible for us to provide this as a free public service.

Up to 15 photos and titles. 1 music selection & choice of a background. 
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