That’s no exaggeration of the feeling of insecurity that arises from the loss of work – the fear and prospect that you won’t stay above water very much longer no matter how hard you swim. It is a lonely feeling when the world around us doesn’t respect our skills, our experience or our potential. It is scary when that loneliness and isolation are accompanied by threats to the well being of others who have depended on us in the past. When disruptions beyond our control threaten our homes, possibly our health and certainly our harmony, it may seem like no community really exists around us to cushion the blow.

We believe that community does exist, if nowhere else, among those who understand and even share the experiences you may be going through right now. Some of those people are exactly as you are,

trying to cope with the insecurities described above. Others are professional counselors who have helped so many others.
The pride you carried with you to work you can find again as you explore Begin that exploration below.


Links for Loss of a Job
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TeleSupport Groups With Others Who are Struggling With Job Loss
Online Support Groups With Others Who Are Struggling With Job Loss
Organizations and Services
Free Online Library, Including Our Extensive Resource Section
Grief Matters, Our Free Weekly E-zine for People Experiencing Loss
TeleClasses Offer Many Topics To Help You Through Various Grief-Related Issues