Grief is too often this way. We are never fully ready for its visit. And often we are simply shocked and overwhelmed by the passing of someone so close to our hearts. Someone with whom we shared goals,
values, adventures, fears, and triumphs, big and small. A loss like this is the loss of a precious and rare resource, a closeness that is supplied to each of us in limited amounts, even though the hole it leaves feels so vast. We are right to treasure this closeness.

There are rituals and there are details, but as difficult as those are, your feelings of emptiness are even harder to survive. Nothing can “get back” or be gotten back. Yet there are ways to see beyond.

This organization was born out of grief such as this. We know that doesn’t mean anyone fully understands your grieving. But we think you will find it useful as a place of compassion, understanding, self-help and even healing. You can begin exploring the opportunities for healing from the links below:

Links for Loss of a Parent, Child, Spouse or Friend

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TeleSupport Groups with Other Bereaved Individuals
Online Support Groups with Other Bereaved People who Share Similar Losses
Organizations and Services
Free Online Library, Including our Extensive Resource Section
Grief Matters, our free Weekly E-zine for Those who are Experiencing Loss
TeleClasses Offer Many Topics to Help you Through Various Grief-related Issues
Remembrance Place®, Multi-media Virtual Memorials
Legacy Of The Heart, Multimedia Legacies
Private Thoughts®, Virtual Multi-media Diary & Comfort Connection Service
Healing Music Library
Free Book, Grief Passages: Poems & Essays for Hope Comfort & Times of Loss
Flowers, Cards & Gifts-Cheer Gift Shop ®
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Virtual Rituals & Ceremonies
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