You work closely with members of your unit, so it may not be difficult to pick up signals that something is deeply wrong in someone’s life, that they are grieving a personal loss or suffering a need. And the daily routine – even a military training routine that takes it as a given that life may be lost – may not allow time for or encourage a display of that grief.

Whether or not grief comes directly through duties in national defense, the strength you strive for as a unit is only as durable as the strength of its individuals. Picking up those signals that someone needs some support, and taking a step to show your concern, is simply the right thing to do. Whether your approach is direct or gradual, is here to help you. It’s online 24-7, for people in any number of professions who share a lack of time. That doesn’t have to translate into a lack of ability to get involved. Some of our advice for people in professional relationships comes from specialists in areas of grief, whether the issue is a parent’s slow decline, or being separated from loved ones while being stationed far away, to the sudden news a relative or comrade has lost life. In the military, you are quite likely to have suffered through such things yourself and perhaps valued an understanding hand.

From our Professional Edition of the E-zine, “Grief Matters,” to the support groups we offer for hands-on practitioners and volunteers, is dedicated to strengthening those who give help as well as those who need it. Take advantage of our many free, handy and time-saving resources to be the best example of professional conduct.

Links for Loss of a Military & Public Service-Related Grief
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TeleSupport Groups with other Bereaved Individuals
Online Support Groups with Other Bereaved People who Share Similar Losses
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Free Online Library, Including our Extensive Resource Section
Grief Matters, our free Weekly E-zine for Those who are Experiencing Loss
TeleClasses offer many topics to help you through various grief-related issues
Remembrance PlaceŽ, Multi-media Virtual Memorials
Legacy of the Heart, Multi-media Legacies
Private ThoughtsŽ, Virtual Multi-media Diary & Comfort Connection Service
Healing Music Library
Free Book, Grief Passages: Poems & Essays for Hope Comfort & Times of Loss
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