You’ve always been there for them…They count on you for advice, love, friendship, a shoulder to cry on, inspiration and – most importantly – to share their lives and all that’s important to them. And then there are those special stories and photos that have meant so much over time. But what if you’re not there, or become incapacitated? Or if memories begin to fade, how can those stories and images be there for those you love?

Private Thoughts is a fitting companion step to creating a Legacy of the Heart, where you leave much of your essence on custom-built web pages for all to see and hear. Use the Private Thoughts Comfort Connection in a similar way, orchestrating words, music and pictures. But here you leave these lively and inspiring web pages to individuals, exclusively theirs to unlock and treasure. Powerfully consoling and inspiring, your Private Thoughts Comfort Connection is a multimedia expression of your endless love and friendship.

Whether your time on earth is winding down, or you have a whole lifetime ahead, you can use Private Thoughts as a virtual multi-media diary, whose pages come alive when they are delivered to the loved ones and friends you select.

Picture the one who misses you so much, leaning toward you and extending a gaze and a hand for you to grasp. The conversation that follows is low and private. It raises your loved one’s feelings of confidence or self-esteem. Your relationship is deeply appreciated, once again.

Your friend, your loved one draws comfort and perhaps motivation to do their best. And it comes just when they need it most.
These are Private Thoughts – Comfort Connections that you can leave behind, available to revisit always. As enduring as the spirit of affection and reassurance you are radiating right now.

Each Private Thoughts Comfort Connection is delivered at a time or times you designate, or you may designate a particular Guardian to determine when is most appropriate. The Thoughts are securely stored, unlocked by password and delivered only to the individuals you name. It may be an anniversary or birthday, wedding, graduation or birth of a child that brings particular need, or just Life 101, times when thoughts from you are most wanted and needed.

But the building of the Comfort Connection can begin now, using the tools provided on this page.

It can be as general as a reassurance that in some way you will always be there as a positive force. A photograph, a song or a poem that recalls what you currently share. Or it may be aimed at a particular feeling, longing or hope that you wish to address or inspire.

Perhaps you won’t be there for special milestones such as your loved one’s graduation, engagement, wedding, birth of a child, landing an important job or retirement. Maybe you’ve always been the shoulder to lean on during tough times, because you always seemed to know just what to say. When problems arise, you can still provide that shoulder. You can create Private Thoughts on anything: from relationship problems and how to handle different situations, to all those “remember when” times of your life. You have that power, using pictures and words by yourself or others, recordings you create or writings in your own hand. However it appears, however it sounds, it is your reassuring voice, sharing your hopes, wishes or advice.

We hear you saying to yourself. “What do I need this for now? I don’t want to think about when I won’t be here.” True, none of us really like to think about this time. Suppose you were to put off the other important things in your life? If you’re like most people, when something is important to you, like having a new home or car, a college education or a vacation, you wouldn’t just expect the money to be there when you need it. Wouldn’t you plan and save for it?

Now, you don’t have to miss important opportunities, for lack of planning ahead: being able to comfort, educate, advise, share history, preserve memories and inspire your loved ones, each in their own way, at points in the future that you never before thought possible.

Create your Private Thoughts now and you will have the peace of mind that those thoughts are there especially for them, when you can’t be.

You can narrow that void that will result when you are no longer there for them in person. It is easy to imagine how your comfort and inspiration will remind those who have gained and grown from your thoughts and the value of your insights, your compassion, and your personal connection.

What you build today, hopefully, will not be needed for many years to come, so be assured you can continue to add to your Private Thoughts Comfort Connection over the weeks and years ahead. Additionally, as your Private Thoughts grow through the years, think of good times you’ll have looking back and reminiscing about all that was important then…and still is.

This little true story will illustrate the point. Meet a young mother who has been writing down the funny things her children have said and done throughout the years. When these things happen, she’s often out and about, so she writes them down on scraps of paper, which end up getting tucked here and there, which could easily be lost for good. Now, with Private Thoughts, she has a safe place to store her memories and share them with those who mean the most to her. Here is page she is creating in the childhood memories section of her Private Thoughts.

She has been adding stories on scraps of paper over the years, and now there are hundreds of them. How could she possibly remember them all? She wants to be able to tell them to her children when they’re grown, or her grandchildren, as they laugh over the silly things their parents did when they were little. If there is no safe place to record those memories, they can be lost, just as easily as losing the piece of paper they are written on, tucked in some drawer.

There was the time her 3 year-old was looking a quarter and said, “Mommy, look! Here’s George Washington on my quarter!” The proud mom is thinking how smart her little one is to recognize and know the name of a President.” At her moment of glowing pride, he flips the quarter over and exclaims, “And look who’s on the other side…it’s Batman!”

And then there was that time on Halloween, when all the decorations were up. Her youngest son looked at the spooky graveyard scene with a goblin hovering over the tombstone, which read “R.I.P.” He asks, “Mommy, what does R.I.P. mean?” Before she could answer, her 8 year old chimed in and said, “Stupid, don’t you know anything? It means Rest In Pieces!”

So whether you use Private Thoughts to teach, advise, comfort or to pass on favorite memories, begin now to reinforce those bonds. Remember they are delivered when you or a designated guardian decide is just the right time. And they can be added to and enriched throughout the days of your life.

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Step 1- Enter Your Personal Information

First, we need a little information from you, so we can ensure your Private Thoughts get delivered just the way you want.

Step 2- Enter Your Recipient’s Information

Now you’re ready to select loved ones and colleagues who will be receiving your Private Thoughts. We have created an address book with unlimited space for names and addresses. You will be able to designate which people get particular messages, simply by putting a check next to their name.

Step 3- Create Your Private Thoughts

We provide the forms for you to create as many messages as your heart desires. You simply type in what you want to say, choose any background or music you wish, attach any photos, documents or audio/video that you would like included, by using our simple attachment tool, and then put a check next to your intended recipient.

Now, if the words aren’t quite coming to you, and you’d like a little help to express what you want to say, we have a variety of tools for you.

Please feel free to use these reflections and images, taking them whole or using them as a springboard for your own expressions. Perhaps you have difficulty finding the proper words even in the best of times. Writing can be a challenge at times for even the most schooled professionals. As this site is largely about sharing, we gladly do so here. Just select whatever wording or images you like. With a click of the mouse, they will become part of your own Private Thoughts Comfort Connection.

The times of our lives are made up of so many special moments to remember, share and pass down. It’s not just the big occasions, but the little day-to-day “stuff of life.” If you would like, you’ll find an idea bank below to help jog your memory as you think of the many possibilities of what you’d like to talk about. Imagine how much it will mean to the important people in your life that you’ve addressed all the subjects they wish you were here to talk about, or that they wish you could remember to talk about, if you are here and have forgotten. 

And what about all those unlabeled photographs sitting in drawers, shoe boxes or photo albums waiting for you to finally forget details about the people and events they show. C’mon we all have them. Use your Private Thoughts pages to archive photos and tell the special stories they illustrate. We give you the tools to keep the memories, stories and history alive.

Our nonprofit mission is to serve all who experience loss. A portion of our contributions are set aside so all who desire may share their private thoughts in words and pictures. Or work with our design team to create something more, at the same time making a donation to help sustain our services in support of people struggling with grief. Scholarships are available.

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