Perhaps, like many people, you long for a meaningful way to connect with your loved ones who have passed away.

You can go to the cemetery or the place where their ashes are scattered, but what if you want something more… an additional way to visit them…a place where you can go any time or from anywhere you may be. A place which celebrates and brings to life, the warmth and tenderness of the special times they shared with you, family, friends and the community.

Or maybe you’re like others who wish they could have told their loved ones, along with their family and friends, just how much they meant to them. Have you ever been at a funeral or memorial service and you wanted come forward, to say all the things that were special about your relationship, but you felt tongue-tied or embarrassed?

So, how do you capture those warm, tender, unique feelings that celebrate, honor and remember the lives of your loved ones, in the vital way in which they lived?

Remembrance Place is where you can have that connection, whenever you want to, wherever you may live or be traveling in the world. On your terms, in a way you always thought your loved ones would want to be thought of and remembered.

There is a special and innovative way to keep their memories alive, and if you choose, to share their lives with friends, family and the world.
How wonderful that those friends and family, wherever they may live, can share their thoughts and feelings, too, by leaving a virtual tribute, gift or expression of sympathy at the Remembrance Place.

Remembrance Place can be more than individual memories. It can call forth and preserve family, local or cultural history, giving important insights to future generations. Invite others to work on…

If you’re feeling creative, you can create to your heart’s content. If you need help, we give you the tools to put your perfect remembrance together, with point-and-click ease. Fill in the blanks, use our Well Of Resources—images, music, writings, poems, and point-and-click them into the template we have created for you.

It’s really easy. We’ll walk you through, step-by-step, adding your own pictures, news clippings, audio or video. Our designers take it from there and deliver a memorial that we are confident will please you and be truly unique.

And if your loved one could tell you, we think they’d feel very happy, too. Happy and proud that you took the time, care and love to honor and remember them, now and for future generations.