We suffer through conflicts that produce war, terrorism or civil unrest. Society breeds the ravages of crime and drug abuse. And a single spark can burn a building or forest, damaging human life at the same time. Heroes step forward to meet these challenges, and innocents are found and victimized by such events. Some perish in uniform. Others, without warning, are simply overtaken by life’s dangers. All leave a void in the lives of loved ones, no matter what their country or their calling may have been.When public tragedy strikes, we not only feel the vulnerability of our world, but personally as well. We think, “what if that had been me, my spouse, child, friend or family…what if that happened in my community?” Here you will find a place to process and support not only personal loss, but collective loss, as well. Yet, grieving public tragedies can lead to growth on many levels. It might be education, reform, and improving the quality of life for others. Perhaps it fosters understanding, diversity, tolerance and peace, or gets people in touch with the values and principles that give meaning to life. It can also lead to social action that can literally change the world.

Experts tell us that one way to grow through grief is to read and write about it, and to come together to mourn or remember as a community. And that is just what you can do in our Victims and Heroes area on the Web. 

This is a place to visit and to learn from, or to participate more actively by joining the Walk for Peace and Remembrance. Join the virtual walk and carry a written remembrance of an individual whose loss grieves you personally. Or remember a tragedy or an ongoing injustice that brings grief to many.

This sharing will be an outlet for some people, a comfort for others and a form of enlightenment for many more. Knowing what sets you apart and what binds you to others around the world, take this opportunity to find or leave the unremitting love, support and solidarity that does surround you. There is no way to erase or replace our loss, but there is reassurance about where we are: Together.

We at National Grief Support Services felt the most fitting tribute to the millions of victims and heroes throughout our world’s history, would be to create the first virtual Walk of Peace & Remembrance. We have created a powerful environment for you to add a walker in honor of the heroes or victims who have touched your lives, while losing theirs.

We would like to thank Paul Alexander, a gifted singer, songwriter and psychotherapist for providing the beautiful words and music that accompany us as we walk this special journey of peace and remembrance.

“Let us walk to remember. We can walk, we can walk. We can find a new ground to stand on. Moving on, moving on. Let us walk to remember, as we vow we won’t forget the difference you have made in our lives. Step by step, day by day, we move ahead in a way that we don’t understand completely. We don’t comprehend. How could we? Side by side, we’ll survive, as we share our hearts and stories in living testimony of lives that echo on. In the circle of our lives, there is a time for every season. Though we do not know the reason why the winds blow as they do. In this time, in this place, we take nothing for granted. There is wisdom in compassion. There’s a way, there has to be. ”

When you click on the button that says “Join our Walk,” you will be taken to a path that circles the world, where you will be able to add a virtual walker to represent you and the victims or heroes whom you are walking to honor and remember. You will also have the opportunity to create a post with your personal message. Your walker can leave a token of remembrance along the path … a flag, a teddy bear, flowers, a religious medallion, military medal, peace symbol, or other special virtual memorabilia we have created for you to choose from.