This is your stop to learn, or to help others learn. Whether you are a media or research professional, a service provider sharing information, services and publications, or someone hoping their grief experience will help others; this is a place for posting messages and, hopefully, finding what you need.

  • Professional Researchers
  • Media Professionals
  • Students and others gaining first-hand experience
  • People seeking help for themselves or others
  • People with inspirational stories to share
  • Anyone whose work, curiosity, compassion or personal circumstances land them here

Please follow a few common-sense guidelines in consideration of others:

Keep your messages current. For instance, if you are successful in trying to locate people or resources and are no longer searching, send a message updating the previous one, which will then be removed from the website.

Be constructive. We understand that you may be here because you are hurting, and we have many resources to help you. This is not a place to rant or strike out at any people or circumstances responsible for feelings of grief. It can be a place to express yourself in ways to help yourself and others. As messages are exchanged and open “discussions” ensue, this is especially important.

Be clear and concise. Post a subject line that helps people know immediately whether your item is of interest to them. And to make your communication more effective, try and keep it focused on information and insights you hope to get from other visitors.